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Whether it’s a new website or old we can create, design & update our way to online greatness. Our web services are built from the ground up to maximize your online presence and get your business, products or services found by the customers you want to sell to.

As part 0f our web services offering, we can deploy a host optimization tactics to move you up the search rankings and get your customers landing and converting on your website. This coupled with our cutting-edge web technology and content delivery system will give you a state-of-the-art website with all the latest bells and whistles and designed to drive and maximize online growth.

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Our hosting services offer the latest in speed and security employing HTTP2, TLS1.3, SSL, DDOS protection and every deployment comes with a dedicated IP and SSL certification as standard. Our hosted email solution can provide enterprise-level security suitable for large companies and small alike, ensuring your email is safe and accessible whenever you or your team need it.


We can develop websites for many different applications including e-commerce and web stores all the way to websites designed to promote local services and large enterprises. We predominantly use content managed platforms to allow users the ability to manage and update their own content but we can also provide bespoke websites solutions if required.


While having an all singing and dancing web development sounds great on paper, it means nothing if it’s not backed up by expert design, tailormade to enhance user experience and convert to your required goals be it to call up, buy something or just to educate your users. We can ensure a crisp and fresh feel to your site, customised to show off your old or newly created corporate brand image.


Search engine optimisation is vital to a website and if not carried out correctly could leave you with an excellent website that can’t be found by anyone, and who needs that! We combine search engine optimisation with our development process to ensure the very core of your website is talking the right “search engine language” making sure you’re found by your target customer base.

Google Ad Services

We can plan and set up Google ads, shopping and remarketing campaigns to get your products or services in front of 1000’s of people in the online market place. We work with our Google Premier Partner to provide smart campaigns that maximise visibility, conversion and revenue whilst giving you the best bang for your buck. We also provide a host of other Search Engine Advertising services through Bing search and Social media networks.


Our analysis and reporting can give you a complete overview of your website’s performance and profitability. We also have a range of diagnostics and tracking tools that can provide valuable, real-time insight into your customer interactions, exposing UX (user experience) or technical issues that may be going unfixed on your site.

Case Study

Horizon Psychology
A new start-up that wanted to stand out
Horizon Psychology are a startup Psychology & Therapeutic services company based in Shropshire. We worked together with Horizon to tailor a complete brand, website and all the necessary stationary to get them up and running.

We created a full marketing strategy that is crafted throughout their site, helping talk to their target audience and inform the customer of the exact services Horizon can offer.

Result: We took them from 0 customers and leads to over 150 qualified leads in the last 6 months and an ever-expanding customer base.

take a look at their website @ Horizon Psychology Services 

“Over 150
qualified leads in the
last 6 months”

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